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Silly Mistakes Done By the Celebrities That Shows We Are All Humans.

One of the important things to know is that error is to human one of the things that individuals do is to try to be perfect this is in most cases done by the celebrities when they fail it proves that one is always human.

The reason why the celebrity sometimes act as if they are not humans due to the fact that they are every bodies role model and individuals do not expect them to fail thus making individuals copy all the celebrities do and thus our eyes are always on them.

It is important to note that we punish ourselves when we make an error and we do not do the same to celebrities, everything a celebrity does is always justified and thus we forget it is due to the fact that they are also humans.

We are all humans due to the mistakes we make an there are a number of them that have been done by celebrities thus making us all human the following are some of the mistakes that celebrities individuals make thus making individuals to stop the thinking that they are the only one who makes mistakes.

One of the other silly things that have been done by the celebrities is when they are asked a question and they fail to understand and the and thus answer it differently, this makes individuals to be able to know that all of us are human despite the social status that one is in due to the fact that individuals think they are the only one who makes such mistakes thus eventually making us know we are all humans.

Some words are hard to pronounce to all of us despite our social class and when celebrities make such a mistake it is the moments that we remember we are all humans and thus one of the other silly things that have been done by the celebrities is the poor pronunciation of words.

Tripping up the stairs due to the fact that maybe one has stepped on something like their own dress the stairs can really mess someone this is not just to others but it also happens to the celebrities and thus reminding us that even celebrities make mistakes and thus we are all humans.

Despite the close look on the hair sometimes by celebrities it gets out of control and one has a bad hair day this makes individuals to stop trying to perfect the non-human since they can’t and this being one of the silly mistakes that make everyone human.

Everyone have been criticized of a bad wear and thus we copy the celebrities but sometimes they go wrong also go wrong just like us despite for them the much time they take to evaluate their wear thus making individuals to raise that all individuals are humans.