What is a Marriage Retreat?

Couples’ retreats and intensive counseling programs are extremely popular. They include weekend retreats, couples’ workshops, and programs designed for individual couples or small groups. Read on to learn how a marriage retreat can rebuild even the rockiest relationship.

Why Are Retreats So Effective?

In conventional counseling, sessions typically come on a weekly or biweekly basis, for an hour or so each time. However, couples’ retreats and intensive therapy are better because much can be done over two to three days. The unique components of these retreats result in better understanding of relationship troubles and toxic behavior, as well as a deeper appreciation of one’s partner.

Achievement of Therapeutic Goals

As said previously, an intensive couples’ retreat lasts just two to three days. By comparison, a traditional therapy course may last for months, and many couples never meet their goals. Because this therapy is so concentrated, results are achieved more quickly. However, in many cases, follow-up sessions are recommended, to reinforce what was learned during the retreat.

Comprehensive Treatment

During a couples retreat, the program gives both spouses a better understanding of themselves and their role in the relationship’s problems. Couples learn how to create loving, successful partnerships, and many report feeling more intimate and connected after just one retreat.

Tools for a New Beginning

Couples typically have numerous questions on how to handle relationship issues differently than they’ve done in the past. A couples’ retreat is designed to offer specific answers to these questions while providing tools for conflict resolution and the creation of intimacy. Most married couples who complete intensive therapy say that it’s a new start.

Problems Addressed During Marriage Retreats

The most common issues addressed during retreats include:

  • Power struggles, blame, anger, and conflict
  • Complaints, criticism, and defensiveness
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Trust issues

The primary goal of a couples’ retreat is to build a relationship based on partnership, safety, and trust, where both spouses feel as if their needs are being met. For additional information on how marriage retreats can help couples build a more harmonious family relationship, contact us by phone or online.