Imago Relationship Therapy at Intensive Two-Day Marriage Retreats

A two-day intensive marriage retreat with an organization like The Marriage Restoration Project is said to provide six months worth of counseling in that short amount of time. With six hours of therapy on both days, the couple benefits greatly from this strong focus on healing and rebuilding. A online search for marriage retreats near me is a good way to get started.

Conventional Counseling

Conventional marriage counseling is divided up into 60-minute or 90-minute sessions once a week, which often is not enough to provide any necessary insight or improve communication quickly enough. The couple barely has time to describe their issues before they have to leave and spend another full week with the same troubles they’ve been dealing with for months or years.

Imago Relationship Therapy

This particular organization provides a judgment-free retreat not associated with any religion. That’s a significant difference from many marriage intensives which are connected with certain faith-based traditions. The technique used is known as Imago Relationship Therapy, or IRT. It has been shown to be very effective at helping couples deal with all sorts of problems.

Some spouses feel disillusioned because marriage isn’t what they expected. They may blame the partner for lack of enthusiasm or not being fully involved in the relationship. Others have experienced a painful betrayal, such as infidelity or hiding the large amount of debt being accumulated.

The center of IRT is the couple sitting face to face in discussion with the therapist facilitating the conversation when advisable. The two do not sit on a couch or in separate chairs facing the therapist, each one telling the counselor about the problems and then occasionally speaking with each other. The Imago discussions can be transformational in a very short time.

Further Support

The results of the retreat can be supported by further sessions conducted in person or through online face-to-face meetings with the therapist. The couple may understandably be worried about falling back into the same old habits and patterns once they are back home and dealing with “real life” again. They’ll want to do whatever they can to stay on track with their renewed commitment to each other.